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We are committed to you.

We are committed to making effective, high quality voice lessons accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.

The Inside Voice

emerged from our twelve plus years of experience running Molly’s Music

Molly’s Music is our boutique voice teaching company that grew into one of the largest music schools in Southern California.
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About Us

Always Fresh

Super healthy

About Us

Always Fresh

Super healthy

Our Teachers

Every teacher on our staff is highly educated in the art and science of voice.

Our teachers have spanned the musical gamut.

From Grammy award winners, to professional opera singers, to Disney soundtrack performers, we are experienced in a variety of genres including jazz, pop, musical theatre, R&B, and EDM.

Every teacher on our staff is highly educated in the art and science of voice, many with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from prestigious music schools like Berklee School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, and Chapman, along with a variety of advanced certifications, including Estill and Somatic Voicework ™.

At The Inside Voice, we’re committed to evidence-based, scientifically grounded vocal training.

The vocal world is full of fear-mongering and myths that don’t hold up to research—that your larynx should always stay neutral, that taking a low breath means you’re “singing from your diaphragm,” that you should never belt, that classical singing is the only healthy singing, that you’re either born a singer or you aren’t. Every one of those things is wrong.

We think it’s time that voice teaching entered the twenty-first century. Our teachers stay up to date on the latest research by attending conferences, reading journals, and working with real artists on the current trends in music. And our service leverages technology to lower the cost, increase the efficiency, and improve the convenience of traditional voice lessons.

Voice Training is Entering the 21st Century

Our Story

The Inside Voice began as Molly’s Music, a boutique vocal-centric music school in Southern California, whose headquarters is a leisurely ten-minute drive to the ocean. Molly’s Music is a tight-knit company of friends and family, founded by Molly Webb and her husband C. Travis Webb.

In 2010, when Molly’s schedule became so full she was teaching seven days a week to keep up with the demand, Travis decided to stop teaching literature at Cal State Long Beach and devote himself to building a business with his wife.

They hired their first teacher in 2011, and after several years of growth they converted to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in 2014. They used the revenue from their four locations and nearly three hundred students to fund several charitable initiatives, including after-school music programs, free tutoring services, and research on civic participation.

But something didn’t sit right with them. Although their charitable engagements were important, the thing they believed in the most, the power of music to create and foster community, was only accessible to a few. Voice lessons were reserved for the small percentage of people who had both the time and money to benefit from them.

As a public benefit corporation, The Inside Voice is a mission based business. It’s a mission to help everyone find the voice they were born with, and create the voice they aspire to. It’s a mission to make supportive expertise affordable. It’s a mission to strengthen community by improving individual access to artistic expression. It’s a mission to use technology to create networks of joy through song.

The Inside Voice is the life’s work of people who believe in helping you learn to express yourself with your own voice, in your own way, in a supportive environment filled with knowledge and possibility because we believe you’re here, on this little blue planet, to sing your heart out.

I try to make sure that lessons center around the student’s own goals for their instrument, it’s not a one-size-fits-all process! Whether you just want to sing better in the shower, or you dream of a starring role in a musical, I’d love to be a part of your process!

– Mairead  |  Teacher

If there’s one thing I want you to keep in mind at your lessons, it’s that you can learn to sing. Singing, like any other skill, is a learned activity that you can gain the muscular control and artistry for over time. I can’t wait to meet you wherever you’re at and help you build your own unique, beautiful voice.

– Molly | Founder & Teacher

Whether you are a serious musician, or taking music as a hobby, my job is to guide you to success! My goal is to push the arts and demonstrate music’s importance in life and its power as a language.

– Josafat  |  Teacher

A lot of people think that only “naturally gifted” people can be successful singers and that just isn’t true! In my experience, hard work and dedication will take you a lot farther than talent, so no matter what you’ve been told, you can achieve your dreams as long as you’re willing to put in the work. So let’s get started!

– Janet | Teacher


We are a mission driven business

The Inside Voice is a public benefit corporation. We are a mission driven business. We believe, down-to-our-tapping-toes believe, that singing is a birth right. Not only can anyone learn to sing, everyone should have the chance to. We are committed to making effective, diverse, high quality voice lessons accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.

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Real people. Real stories.

We’re here to sing

Molly is absolutely amazing! Not only is she a great teacher, but she truly cares about her students.
Julia W.

My daughter is 13 and has always loved singing. She recently started voice lessons with Molly Webb and we absolutely love her. Madi has only been doing voice lessons for a few months and has already improved and grown in her vocal capabilities. She has also become more confident on stage and performing in front of an audience.
Denise L.

Once we found Molly, we never looked back. She is the perfect fit for my two children. First of all, she is an excellent musician herself and understands the process inside and out. Second, she is a truly gifted teacher. She has the ability to reach all different kinds of children and do so in a way that makes music fun and interesting for them. It’s truly apparent that she loves each of her students she teaches, and works hard to help them reach their individual potential.
Joan F.

Kayla had several sessions with Molly over that summer. During that time, Molly helped Kayla explore her vocal range with very useful exercises. She and Kayla worked on song interpretation and style. Molly always encouraged Kayla to test her voice and try something new. Working with a coach was a new experience for Kayla. She just beamed when she knew we were on our way to the studio. It was such a wonderful learning opportunity for her and she thoroughly enjoyed working with Molly.

Tena K.

My daughter has been taking voice lessons from Molly for almost five months, and she loves her!   She is very knowledgable, patient and really works with her on different techniques.  She makes the lessons enjoyable and fun, and  I’ve already noticed an improvement in our daughter’s voice!  And they’re very organized and professional, great communication.
Sarah L.

Inside Voice has been super helpful with not only improving my technique but also helping with song selection, audition cuts, and tracks for auditions.
Emma F.

The teachers are professional, highly skilled musicians and are able to convey their love of music to their students through their teaching.
Allison S.

It has been such a pleasure to have the opportunity. to work with Molly in a virtual format! After having the opportunity years ago to be a student of Molly’s and since moving to NY, I was so happy to hear that Molly was giving students the opportunity to have virtual lessons via the inside voice. The inside voice lessons helped me to grow as a singer, focus on dynamics, breath control and helped to build my repertoire. The expertise, care and passion she brings to her students is even more evident in this virtual landscape. I’m currently taking classes at Julliard and Molly’s guidance has been instrumental in helping me to gain confidence in my song selection and overall preparation. It’s simply a pleasure to work with Molly!
Chan F.

Molly is an outstanding teacher! It’s as simple as that. She gets it. She doesn’t force strict and limiting vocal methods on you the way a lot of vocal teachers do. She asks you what you like to sing, what genre you want to perform in, and coaches you accordingly! That’s the way to do it! There is no absolute one way to sing. She recognizes that there are different styles and techniques to achieving the sound you are going for! In addition, she is a great performance and audition coach! Thanks to her I got a callback for the X-Factor and I am currently singing in a great rock band! Thank you Molly!

Brad S.

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TIV is the word’s most accessible music studio where you can learn to sing what you want to sing.

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At The Inside Voice, we're committed to evidence-based, scientifically grounded vocal training.

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TIV uses technology to bring people together, expand your community, and provide greater access to experts.

Molly's Music

The Inside Voice emerged from our twelve plus years of experience running Molly's Music.