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About Us

We’re an Orange County based music school, specializing in singing lessons. Through our boutique studios, in-home music lessons, and robust online vocal program, we’re committed to making effective, high quality voice lessons accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere, while teaching you the styles and techniques you want to learn.

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Our Story

The Inside Voice began as Molly’s Music, a boutique vocal-centric music school in Southern California, whose headquarters is a leisurely ten-minute drive to the ocean. Molly’s Music is a tight-knit company of friends and family, founded by Molly Webb and her husband C. Travis Webb.


In 2010, when Molly’s schedule became so full she was teaching seven days a week to keep up with the demand, Travis decided to stop teaching literature at Cal State Long Beach and devote himself to building a business with his wife.


They hired their first teacher in 2011, and after several years of growth they converted to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in 2014. They used the revenue from their four locations and nearly three hundred students to fund several charitable initiatives, including after-school music programs, free tutoring services, and research on civic participation.


But something didn’t sit right with them. Although their charitable engagements were important, the thing they believed in the most, the power of music to create and foster community, was only accessible to a few. Voice lessons were reserved for the small percentage of people who had both the time and money to benefit from them.


As a public benefit corporation, The Inside Voice is a mission based business. It’s a mission to help everyone find the voice they were born with, and create the voice they aspire to. It’s a mission to make supportive expertise affordable. It’s a mission to strengthen community by improving individual access to artistic expression. It’s a mission to use technology to create networks of joy through song.


The Inside Voice is the life’s work of people who believe in helping you learn to express yourself with your own voice, in your own way, in a supportive environment filled with knowledge and possibility because we believe you’re here, on this little blue planet, to sing your heart out.

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Our Music School is Committed to You

We are committed to making effective, high quality voice lessons accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.

Our World Class Voice Teachers

Every teacher on our faculty is highly educated in the art and science of voice, many with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from prestigious music schools or extensive performance experience in a variety of genres.

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We Are A Mission Driven Business

The Inside Voice is a public benefit corporation. We are a mission driven business. We believe, down to our tapping toes, that singing is a birth right. Not only can anyone learn to sing, everyone should have the chance to.

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At TIV we have two types of clientele: our students and our music teachers. We know that a successful business hinges on making both happy. When you join our team, you become part of one unique music academy, enjoying some of the most competitive pay in Orange County.

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A Word From Our Founder

Many people mistakenly believe that you’re either born a singer or not. This is simply not true. There are so many coordinations that go into singing, from pitch matching, to breath support, to soft palate and tongue control. While these things may come easier and earlier to some than others, the bottom line is that they are skills that can be learned. If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it’s that you can learn to sing, and we’d love to be the ones to help you discover your voice.


~Molly Webb

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TIV is the world’s most accessible and professional vocal and music studio. Our lesson options fit every lifestyle, budget, and goal.


We are committed to the art and science of vocal and music instruction. We believe the best style of music to learn is the one you love.


Our teachers are professionals. Our methods are evidence based. Our customer service is five star. We believe music is a health and wellness journey.


The Inside Voice emerged from our twelve plus years of experience running Molly’s Music, a small family business built with love, sweat, and friends.