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Building great things takes time! The Inside Voice has started enrolling students, but we’re still polishing all the bells and carving all the whistles. The good news is that the most important part, the teachers, are here and ready to go, so if you’re interested, email us or give us a call.

The Inside Voice

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Voice lessons at a fraction of the cost. 


Don’t have the time or funds for private lessons? Look, we get it.  That’s why the vocal nerds behind Molly’s Music created the Inside Voice, a low-cost voice lesson subscription service that gives you the same personalized feedback you’d find at a private singing lesson.

How It Works

Shoot us a video or audio recording of yourself singing a song in any style.

One of our voice teachers will listen to the recording and send back a video recording assessing your voice and giving you some pointers.

Send your next try.

Watch your progress.

What It Costs

What Do I Need

  • Your fav recording device—anything from your phone to pro audio gear
  • Some kind of backing to sing with, like a karaoke track (optional)
  • A way to text or email us your track
  • Your own unique and lovely voice

Are These Public 

It’s up to you whether your Inside Voice lesson is made public or kept anonymous. We encourage our students to share their videos, since we’re social animals and learn so much from watching others. But this is 100% your call, and we’ll never share your video without your permission.

Performance Opportunities

Singing on your own is fun, but sharing your voice with others is even better. That’s why as an added bonus we’ve added the Inside Voice Performance Opportunities webpage—free with your Inside Voice subscription. You’ll be able to find audition notices and places to perform throughout Southern California, everything from children’s theatre, to professional musicals, to operas and choirs, open mic nights. We’ve started with Orange County, since that’s our home base, but we’ll soon be expanding to San Bernardino County, LA County, and beyond.