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Whether you’re looking for boutique studio lessons, convivial in-home lessons, or convenient online lessons, we have you covered.

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Studio Music Lessons

We have 3 boutique music studios in Orange County, California, where we run lessons 6 to 7 days a week.

Costa Mesa Studio
Costa Mesa Studio

Our Costa Mesa music studio features a fully-equipped stage & 4 lesson rooms, furnished with dynamic mics & grand pianos. Music Studio in Costa Mesa

Irvine Studio
Irvine Studio

The Irvine music studio, in Woodbridge Village Center, has a spacious waiting room, Yamaha electric pianos, & dynamic mics.Music Studio in Irvine

Orange Studio
Orange Studio

Our Orange music studio  is outfitted with a Kawaii grand piano & a dynamic mic.

Music Studio in Orange

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Music Lessons in Your Home

We offer in-home music lessons in Orange County in select areas. If we don't have a music teacher in your area yet, we'll waitlist you and shoot you an email as soon as we do. Here are just a few reasons to consider taking music lessons at home.

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Online Music Lessons

TIV’s online music lesson program grew out of boutique studio lesson service. Our goal was to provide the same great lessons at a lower cost and to students all over the world.

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Online Music Lesson Offerings

With live online lessons, low-cost asynchronous pocket lessons, and free instructional content, we have something for everyone.

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Live Online Lessons

Meet your music instructor online from anywhere in the world. We’ve taught students as far away as India and as nearby as around the block.

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Pocket Lessons

Personalized lessons any time, anywhere. Send your music teacher a quick video of you singing or playing, and your teacher will send back a picture-in-picture video with feedback and tips.

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Instructional Videos

Access a library of music instructional videos you can use either in conjunction with private lessons or on their own.

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Musical Exercises

TIV has a huge vocal exercise bank, so strengthening your voice at home as never been easier. Instrumental exercises are coming soon.

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