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Looking for guitar or voice lessons in Irvine? Come find us in the newly renovated Woodbridge Village Center at Dancing Keys Music Studio, 4672 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604. 

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Music Lessons in Irvine

Voice, Piano, Guitar, & Ukulele

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Voice Lessons

Voice is our specialty. Our talented Irvine vocal coaches will help you grasp the technical, creative, and practical sides of singing. We believe everyone can and should learn to sing.

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Piano Lessons

Our Irvine Piano lessons are either paired with voice or through our partner studio, Dancing Keys. We also have other nearby studios that offer piano in Costa Mesa & Orange.

Guitar Lessons

Learn to play guitar without spending your whole lesson on repetitive exercises. Our guitar lessons in Irvine are well-paced, and our approach focuses on the style you want.

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Ukulele Lessons

The uke exploded in popularity in the last decade. Your Irvine ukulele teacher will make suggestions about simple favorites to start with, like “Riptide” & “Hey, Soul Sister,” & build your repertoire from there.

We Teach Every Age

From vocal instruction for teens auditioning for college conservatories to guitar lessons for adult beginners, we have a music program for your needs.


We start private instrument instruction or singing lessons for kids as young as 3 or 4. Our music teacher helps your kiddos discover their unique learning style, talents, and interests.


Instrument or vocal lessons for teens are different than lessons for little kids. We teach you to sing and play the styles you love and help you set your own artistic goals. 

Lessons for Adults

Learning music as an adult can be daunting. Our music programs and singing lessons for adults are geared toward your success. We even hold laid-back performances for adults!

Lessons for Seniors

Voice and instrument lessons for seniors have a wide array of physical and cognitive benefits, not to mention the sheer joy of it. It’s never too late to start!

Explore our Irvine Studio

Irvine Studio

4672 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604
949 326 5120

Located in the newly renovated Woodbridge Village Center, our Irvine music studio makes it easy for you to grab some coffee or a decedent pastry while your child has his or her music lesson. There’s even a fun play area for younger siblings to climb on.


If you want to complement music lessons with some high-quality dance lessons, the famous Focus Dance Center is also our neighbor.


The Irvine studio has a spacious waiting room, along with well-equipped teaching rooms for private music lessons. South Orange County cities of Lake Forest, Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo will find the location particularly convenient.


Our Irvine studio offers voice, guitar, and ukulele lessons. Piano lessons are offered through our partner studio, Dancing Keys, unless you’d prefer to pair piano with singing lessons, in which case, we’ve got you covered.

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