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TIV's Adult Music Program

TIV’s Adult Music Program: Adult music lessons can be daunting, especially when so many music academies focus on toddler piano lessons. But our adult music program is for adults. We even hold laid-back performances focused on adult students.

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Benefits of Adult Music Lessons

When was the last time you did something just for yourself?

Music Lessons for Adults

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Voice Lessons

Adult voice lessons are one of our specialties. Our voice teachers are working professionals trained in the styles you want to learn, and they’ll help you set and meet your own unique goals.

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Piano Lessons

Learning piano as an adult isn’t just wonderful as a creative outlet, it also stimulates multiple parts of the brain and helps keep your mind young.

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Guitar Lessons

Whether you want to rock out with an electric guitar or strum an acoustic, Maria von Trapp style, while your family sings, we’ve got you covered.

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Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is an especially wonderful instrument to learn if you’re low on time. It’s easier to learn than guitar, a beautiful instrument, and a joy to play.

Learn Music Anywhere

Whether you want music lessons at home or at a music lesson studio, we got it covered. We also have professional music teachers online.

Studio Music Lessons

In-studio music lessons are comfortable and distraction free. We have three locations in SoCal: Costa Mesa, Irvine, and Orange. Each is outfitted with state-of-the-art performance equipment.

Private Music Studios Near You Private Music Studios Near You
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In-Home Music Lessons

For the busy family, nothing beats the convenience of in-home music lessons. Lessons take place all over Orange County, including Tustin, Fullerton, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach.

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Online Music Lessons

Our unique blend of live online lessons and asynchronous “pocket lessons” are our most cost-effective option. They’re ideal for anyone outside of SoCal, or anyone who travels a lot.

Affordable Online Music Lessons Affordable Online Music Lessons

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A Word From Our Founder

It’s never too late to start music lessons. Some of my favorite lessons that I teach are with adults, sometimes total beginners who are blown away by their ability to learn to sing after a lifetime of believing they’re tone deaf. Working with professional musicians is always a treat too, of course! No matter how advanced you get, it’s always important to keep your skills sharp—a lot of our music teachers still take lessons of their own!


~Molly Webb

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TIV is the world’s most accessible and professional vocal and music studio. Our lesson options fit every lifestyle, budget, and goal.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the art and science of vocal and music instruction. We believe the best style of music to learn is the one you love.


Our teachers are professionals. Our methods are evidence based. Our customer service is five star. We believe music is a health and wellness journey.

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