Music Lessons for Seniors

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Music Program for Older Adults

Many people mistakenly believe that there’s an upper age limit for learning to sing or play an instrument. It’s never too late to start, and many reasons to do it, from the cognitive and physical benefits, to just the sheer joy of it.

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Benefits of Music Lessons for Seniors

Learning to sing or play music later in life has miraculous health benefits.

Music Lessons for Seniors

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Singing Lessons

Taking voice lessons as an older adult improves posture, helps with sleep, improves heart and lung function, and can even be a good workout. Plus it’s just fun.

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Piano Lessons

It’s well known that piano lessons are great for cognitive development in kids. Turns out, it’s just as beneficial later in life. Learning to play piano as a senior builds neural connections, enhancing memory.

Guitar Lessons

Learning to play an instrument later in life is beneficial no matter what, but the guitar in particular improves hand-eye coordination, strengthens your arms, wrists, and hands, and relieves stress.

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Ukulele Lessons

Learning to play ukulele is a joy at any age. It requires less strength than guitar and is easier to learn, but it still lifts the spirits of everyone listening.

Learn Music Anywhere

Whether you want music lessons at home or at a music studio, we've got it covered. We also have online voice and instrument teachers.

Studio Music Lessons

In-studio music lessons are comfortable and distraction free. We have three locations in SoCal: Costa Mesa, Irvine, and Orange. Each is outfitted with state-of-the-art performance equipment.

Private Music Studios Near You Private Music Studios Near You
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In-Home Music Lessons

For the busy family, nothing beats the convenience of in-home music lessons. Lessons take place all over Orange County, including Newport Beach, Irvine, Tustin, and Huntington Beach.

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Online Music Lessons

Our unique blend of live online lessons and asynchronous “pocket lessons” are our most cost-effective option. They’re ideal for anyone outside of SoCal, or anyone who travels a lot.

Affordable Online Music Lessons Affordable Online Music Lessons

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