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Our approach is evidence based and endlessly refined.

Why Settle?

For anything less than inspirational.

We've been here for over a decade.

Welcome to voice lessons for the 21st century.

Years in the making. Our difference is people, expertise, and integrity.

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Why We're Unique

Why Choose TIV?Because The Inside Voice uses technology the way it’s meant to be used: to bring people together, expand community, and provide greater access to expertise. It is the most effective, least expensive way to gain access to voice lessons that would normally cost hundreds of dollars.

Why TIV is different?Our teachers are trained and educated in the latest vocal research. Effective, supportive, scientific, healthy, and fun voice lessons that are both affordable and accessible, that’s what makes TIV different.

How We Do It

How does a “pocket lesson” work? The same way that video works in sports performance. You learn things from watching yourself sing that you can’t learn any other way. Seeing yourself sing, alongside your teacher’s encouragement and guidance, opens new possibilities for your growth.

How do you create a studio experience without a studio? Because we use people instead of algorithms to guide your growth. And because we are a studio. Several of them, in fact. If you want to come in for a live in-studio lesson you can. We use the same crew—online and off.

Our Difference

Who teaches the lessons? Well, this is probably obvious, but the teachers do. We train our teachers, but our teachers come to us as first-rate musicians. We take their years of experience and sharpen it, introducing them to the latest theories and methods in vocal instruction.

Who are the music coordinators? All of our music coordinators are also music teachers. If you have a question about your lessons, they’re equipped to answer it. They can make teacher recommendations, as well as service recommendations, and help you with every other aspect of your membership.

Getting Started

How do I get started? We have created a service that uses technology you (probably) have in your pocket right now. A phone, tablet, or computer will allow us to connect you with your teacher. When you sign up for a trial, we assign you to a teacher who matches your interests. Then start singing!

I have some questions. That’s great! We love those. If you need a little more information before you sign up for a trial you can call us, email us, or reach us on social media. We think the best way to understand the service is to use it, but whatever you need to know to get started is our pleasure to provide.

Let the music follow you

Wherever you go.

the inside scoop

Your Device

Any device with a camera, or just a microphone will do.

Internet Connection

You have one of those because you’re reading this.


Be curious about yourself, and be curious about your potential!

Your Teacher

We don’t use algorithms to guide you. You’ll have your own teacher who will get to know you, and your goals.

Support Staff

Part of the benefit of having a private music teacher is access to personalized customer service, so that’s what you’ll get.


Practice is important, but there’s nothing like performance to motivate your progress. Large and small venues—virtual and real.

Pocket Lesson

Our name for your regular vocal lesson – sing to us, and we’ll do the rest.

Live Lesson

“Live” in studio, or “live” streamed – this is your monthly session with your teacher.

Vocal Exercises

There are hundreds, for high voices and low, you have access to all of them.

The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice emerged from our twelve plus years of experience running Molly’s Music.

A boutique voice teaching company that grew into one of the largest music schools in Southern California.

At The Inside Voice, we’re committed to evidence-based, scientifically grounded vocal training. We think it’s time that voice teaching entered the twenty-first century. Our service leverages technology to lower the cost, increase efficiency, and improve the convenience of traditional voice lessons.
Learn More About Molly’s Music

About Us

Always Fresh

Super healthy

About Us

Always Fresh

Super healthy

Membership Pricing

Need Help?

Pocket Lessons

A pocket lesson leverages technology that’s been around for over twenty years to connect you to your teacher. Using a phone, or a webcam, or a tablet, or, really, whatever, you film yourself singing any song you like, in any style you like, and then you share that video with your teacher.

Live lessons

A “live” lesson is probably what you think about when you think about taking a voice lesson. You and a teacher, in the same place, at the same time. In a live stream lesson that place is virtual and is about the size of your application window. In a live studio lesson that place is one of our beautiful studios. Most of which have grand pianos, and all of which have wonderful acoustics professional recording equipment, and free Nespressos!

Instructional Videos

Our professionally produced instructional videos provide in depth information about vocal technique that’s evidence based, and backed by the latest research.

Vocal Exercises

Vocal exercises are the foundation of a dynamic voice. Every singer needs them. Your membership gives you access to an ever growing list of vocal warm-ups and exercises, so that you have all the tools you need to realize your potential.

Coming soon

Performance Opportunities

Every singer needs a stage! All of our ‘I Live in SoCal’ memberships include access to exclusive performance opportunities in Southern California so you can put your skills into action and share your talent! And if you don’t live in SoCal, or you do and live performances aren’t an option, you’ll have a chance to strut your stuff in one of our virtual recitals, or cyber-mic nights.

I Live Outside SOCAL

Evidence-based methods to realize the true potential of your voice.

At TIV Outside Socal

We use technology the way it’s meant to be used.

bring people together

expand community


Welcome to voice lessons for the 21st century.
What singing can do for you!

As with fingerprints, no one’s voice is quite like yours. And no matter what you think you can learn to sing. No other voice in the world will ever sound like yours, so why not learn to use it?

Traditional singing lessons are rewarding, but also costly and difficult to schedule. So we innovated them. For less than the cost of your cell phone plan you can experience their many benefits.

Singing improves both mental and physical health. It improves memory, reduces heart disease, and improves lung capacity. Most of all, singing is joyful. It alleviates both anxiety and depression.


pocket lesson

Our name for your regular vocal lesson. You can do it anywhere. Sing into your phone, tablet, or laptop, and we’ll do the rest.

live lesson

Either in one of our studios, or in your own space with a stable internet connection. It’s 30 minutes of exploration and fun, as you learn what your voice is capable of.


Take a deep dive with instructional videos. Stretch and strengthen your voice with hundreds of vocal exercises. How about exclusive live and virtual performance opportunities?

Membership Pricing

Need Help?
We believe everyone should have access to effective, professional, and affordable voice lessons.
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Why Settle?

For anything less than…






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How It Works

TIV is the word’s most accessible music studio where you can learn to sing what you want to sing.

Our Philosophy

At The Inside Voice, we’re committed to evidence-based, scientifically grounded vocal training.

Why TiV

TIV uses technology to bring people together, expand your community, and provide greater access to experts.

Molly's Music

The Inside Voice emerged from our twelve plus years of experience running Molly’s Music.