Piano Lessons at TIV

From novice to advanced pianists, our piano lessons focus on your personal goals. If you’re looking for a traditional approach, you’ll be reading music in no time. If you want to play chords and sing your favorite pop songs, we’ll get you there.

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Piano Lessons for All Ages

From piano teachers specializing in kids, to piano lessons for adult beginners, we have the right program for you.

Kids' Piano

Piano is an ideal first instrument for kids. The progression of keys from low to high tones is visible and linear. There’s no better foundation.

Teen Piano

We help our teens set their own goals. Whether you want to accompany yourself on an Adele song, learn Mozart, or both, we have you covered.

Adult Piano Lessons

Learning piano as an adult isn’t just wonderful as a creative outlet, it also stimulates multiple parts of the brain and helps keep your mind young.

Senior Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are just as beneficial later in life. Learning piano slows cognitive decline, builds neural connections, and enhances memory.

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Piano Lesson Locations

Take piano lessons online, in your home, or at one of our Orange County studios.

Studio Piano Lessons

Our professional, immersive environments are unique and inspiring. All of our piano studios are equipped with beautiful grand pianos, not to mention professional microphones if you chose to add on some singing lessons.

Private Music Studios Near You Private Music Studios Near You
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In-Home Piano Lessons

Piano lessons in your home are especially convenient for larger families in the Orange County area. You supply the keyboard and the home, and we’ll supply the teacher.

More About Music Lessons At Home More About Music Lessons At Home
Online Piano Lessons

Maximize convenience and affordability with online piano lessons. Same great teachers with both live and asynchronous options. We’ve had online music students throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.

Affordable Online Music Lessons Affordable Online Music Lessons

Piano and Voice Lessons

The piano is also a perfect instrument to play while you sing. We’re big fans of helping you learn to self-accompany quickly with chords. Since all our piano teachers are also vocal instructors, your teacher can help you do both!

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TIV Web Portal

Our TIV web app makes picking your piano teacher, managing your lessons, and accessing instructional content a breeze.

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How it Works

TIV is the world’s most accessible and professional vocal and music studio. Our lesson options fit every lifestyle, budget, and goal.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the art and science of vocal and music instruction. We believe the best style of music to learn is the one you love.


Our teachers are professionals. Our methods are evidence based. Our customer service is five star. We believe music is a health and wellness journey.

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