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Welcome to voice lessons for the 21st century.
What singing can do for you!

As with fingerprints, no one’s voice is quite like yours. And no matter what you think you can learn to sing. No other voice in the world will ever sound like yours, so why not learn to use it?

Traditional singing lessons are rewarding, but also costly and difficult to schedule. So we innovated them. For less than the cost of your cell phone plan you can experience their many benefits.

Singing improves both mental and physical health. It improves memory, reduces heart disease, and improves lung capacity. Most of all, singing is joyful. It alleviates both anxiety and depression.


pocket lesson

Our name for your regular vocal lesson. You can do it anywhere. Sing into your phone, tablet, or laptop, and we’ll do the rest.

live lesson

Either in one of our studios, or in your own space with a stable internet connection. It’s 30 minutes of exploration and fun, as you learn what your voice is capable of.


Take a deep dive with instructional videos. Stretch and strengthen your voice with hundreds of vocal exercises. How about exclusive live and virtual performance opportunities?

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We believe everyone should have access to effective, professional, and affordable voice lessons.
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How It Works

TIV is the word’s most accessible music studio where you can learn to sing what you want to sing.

Our Philosophy

At The Inside Voice, we’re committed to evidence-based, scientifically grounded vocal training.

Why TiV

TIV uses technology to bring people together, expand your community, and provide greater access to experts.

Molly's Music

The Inside Voice emerged from our twelve plus years of experience running Molly’s Music.