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The ukulele exploded in popularity in the last decade and is used for everything from indie pop to jazz standards. We’ll make suggestions about some simple favorites to start with, like “Riptide” and “Hey, Soul Sister,” and then build your repertoire from there.

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Ukulele Lessons for All Ages

From ukulele teachers specializing in kids, to ukulele lessons for adult beginners, we have the right program for you.

Kids' Ukulele

The uke is joyful, simple to learn, and perfect to sing with. For young kids, we recommend starting off with ukulele lessons before graduating to guitar.

Teen Ukulele

The uke is increasingly popular, at home in indie pop, jazz, and Hawaiian-inspired music. It’s simple to learn and ideal for taking alongside voice lessons.

Adult Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is an especially wonderful instrument to learn if you’re low on time. It’s easier to learn than guitar, a beautiful instrument, and a joy to play.

Senior Ukulele Lessons

Learning to play ukulele is a joy at any age. It requires less strength than guitar and is easier to learn, but it still lifts the spirits of everyone listening.

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Ukulele Lesson Locations

Take ukulele lessons online, in your home, or at one of our Orange County studios.

Studio Lessons

Our private in-studio ukulele lessons are a great choice for students looking to improve as fast as possible in a distraction-free environment. Our studios even have ukuleles you can borrow if you forget yours, as well as pro mics in case you add singing lessons.

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In-Home Lessons

Taking ukulele lessons from the comfort of your own home is especially perfect for larger families. There’s no loading your kids and their ukuleles into the car, no traffic, and no entertaining of siblings during each other’s lessons.

More About Music Lessons at Home More About Music Lessons at Home
Online Lessons

You can’t beat the convenience and affordability of online ukulele lessons.You can take them on your lunch break at work, while you’re at home under the weather, or even while traveling. Want to literally take your ukulele on your Hawaii vacation? We’ve got you covered.

Affordable Online Music Lessons Affordable Online Music Lessons

Ukulele and Voice Lessons

Ukulele and singing go together like bread and jam. It’s perfect from strumming and singing indie pop tunes, jazz, Hawaiian songs, and anything else you want to give a joyful acoustic feel to. All our ukulele teachers are also vocal instructors, so we can pair you with a coach who does both.

Meet our Ukulele Teachers
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Our TIV web app makes picking your ukulele teacher, managing your lessons, and accessing instructional content a breeze.

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