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Voice Teaching Jobs at TIV

At TIV, we have two types of clientele: our students and our teachers. We know that a successful business hinges on making both happy. When you join our team, you become part of one of the most unique music schools out there, enjoying some of the most competitive pay in the county. If you’re interested in teaching singing for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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How We're Different

Competitive Teaching Pay

Our teachers are professionals, and we pay as such. We know that’s the only way to attract the best teachers.


All staff members receive PTO, and once our teachers are up to 3 shifts (about 15 hours a week), they’re eligible to receive subsidized health and dental benefits.

Paid Training

We provide training for our teachers, including voice and piano training, as well as continuing education workshops, like Estill Voice Training. All training time is paid hourly.


To keep things fun, we offer bonuses for high sign-up  and retention rates, including an all-expense paid vacation for two teachers a year.

Additional Pay

We never expect you to work for free. If you’re answering emails from a student or from us, coming to meetings, or doing anything else for us that isn’t teaching related, you’ll be compensated.

Team Building

At TIV we strive to create a cohesive community for our teachers, whether that means getting Sidecar Donuts together or heading out for a round of mini golf.

Our Philosophy

At TIV we know that anyone can learn to sing. It’s just a matter of improving coordination, strength, and muscle memory. We also firmly believe that there isn’t one right way to sing, or one style of music that’s superior to another. How to sing depends on the sound a musician is looking for, and it’s our role as music teachers to help our students reach those goals, whether that’s breathy indie pop, dramatic musical theater, or soul driven R&B.

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Work With Us

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